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Industrial Electrical Service

From critical operations and control systems to backup power and energy management, Garden Spot Electric can handle every aspect of your industrial electrical service from start to finish.

Whether you need repairs and troubleshooting, are ready to upgrade critical systems, or have a new project in mind, Garden Spot Electric brings over 50 years of electrical expertise to the job, along with a reputation for top-quality work you can count on.

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Energy Management Systems

As energy prices rise, many companies are looking for ways to increase efficiency and reduce the amount of energy they consume. We can help you streamline your operations and recommend ways you can save money on your energy bills.

LED Lighting Upgrades
One of the easiest ways to begin saving money right away is by replacing your current lighting with low-energy, super-efficient LED lighting and sophisticated lighting controls.

Electrical Equipment Controls

Whether you're installing a simple relay control system or a complex computer-driven PLC control system, Garden Spot Electric specializes in innovative control systems for your critical operations. We have extensive experience to provide complete turnkey service.

Backup Power

Want to prevent downtime, product loss or long-term damage to equipment due to unexpected power outages? Get the reliable backup power you need with expert generator installation from Garden Spot Electric. We can install generators from 50 KVA to 2500 KVA for reliable power you can count on.

Electrical Power up to 35 KV

Need help with power distribution throughout your plant? We can design and install a variety of power systems to suit your requirements perfectly. We specialize in medium voltage work up to 35 KV.

Repairs / Troubleshooting

Whether you're having a problem with a critical system or need more general electrical troubleshooting and repairs, Garden Spot Electric has the expertise to solve the problem fast. Plus, our extensive parts inventory means faster service and more cost-effective repairs.

Preventative Maintenance

Did you know that infrared technology can be used to identify temperature variations in your electrical system and locate potential problems like loose connections or overloaded circuits? Our infrared survey equipment is designed to help you maintain your systems and detect potential problems before they lead to costly downtime.

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